Child Therapy

For the last 20 years I have specialized in child developmental assessment and behavior management techniques through general play therapy modalities. We offer a play therapy room that creates a fun, comfortable therapy experience for your child. When appropriate, a therapy dog is also utilized in treatment on the premises.

Before working with a child I prefer to meet with parent solo that they may speak more openly about their concerns. It is in this first session that a comprehensive developmental assessment is done.

I specialize in treating impairments in executive brain function such as ADHD, Autistic spectrum, and mood disregulation disorders. I also treat children who struggle with loss, depression, anxiety, self-esteem and social development. Academic success is compromised when self concept is affected by much of the above mentioned.

Children, who need tools to improve their impulsivity, working memory, focus and emotional regulation benefit from learning ways to cope, modify and overcome these difficulties. Often children need assistance in learning social skills. I offer a social skills group for kids, as well as a sibling support group for kids with special-needs siblings.

Parent coaching, and parent support groups, are available when you’re struggling for effective parenting strategies. I am also highly experienced in the area of education consultation / advocacy and assist at IEP meetings.

Our child therapy setting is specifically created to assess and treat children in an environment where they feel comfortable and can thrive in pursuing therapy goals. I closely facilitate all groups and tailor the treatment program according to the group context and the individual member’s needs.

Social Skills Group – Consciously learning ways to more appropriately navigate social situations in a fun, exciting group format with built in structure and activities.

Teens Coping Skills Group – Learning skills for emotional regulation and interpersonal reflectiveness.